Heritage Tourism

Pudukkottai District comprises marvelous Archaeological sites and rich Cultural Heritage. The History of Pudukkottai is an epitome of the History of South India. Different Dynasities such as Pandyas, Cholas,pallavas, Nayaks, Irukku veliyar,Mutharayar, Thondaman , Vijayanagar Emporors and Hoysalas ruled over this District on different occasions. The prosperity of the District that had existed on the periods of Monarchy continued and maintain the same pride still now .

  • The Heritage Buildings ( ie vijaya raghu natha thondaman Palace, Court Building) Archaeological Monuments (ieThirumayam fort)
  • Cave Temples (ie Malaiadi patti)
  • Paintings (ie sittannavasal)
  • Jain temples (ie Kannangarapatti, Arimalam )
  • Inscriptions (ie Kudumiyan malai)

expose the culture, life and times of the ancient people. The vijaya Raghunatha Thondaman Palace, now the collectorate complex Building has been built on the Indo- Italian style of Architecture. Sangam age literature mention some of the hint about Pudukkottai. Kodumbalur has been mentioned in the epic silapathigaram. Narthamalai, Thirumayam , Kudumiyanmalai , Kunnandar Koil , Avudayar koil and Sittannavasal are the familiar archaeological sites express the ancient Tamil culture, architectural Beauty and a wonderful Proof for the rich cultural Heritage.