The Department of Horticulture dealt with crops like Fruits, Vegetable, Spices and Condiments and plantation crops. In Pudukkottai District Major Horticulture Crops grown are Cashew, Banana, Mango, Acidlime, Guava, Tapioca, Brinjal, Chillies, Greens, Gourds, Turmeric, Marigold, Jasmine, Tube rose etc., The Total area under Horticulture crops in Pudukkottai District 15019 Hec.

Following Services Extended to the Farming Communities:-

  • Doubling Production and tripling income of the farmer is the prime Policy.
  • Encouraging cultivation of more area under horticulture crops.
  • Adopting Hi-tech Horticulture technologies.
  • Encouraging farm mechanization.
  • Encouraging the usage of hybrid seeds and quality planting material.
  • Encouraging High density planting in fruit crops.
  • Promotion of high Value crops in protected cultivation.
  • Usage of Micro Irrigation in all Horticulture Crops.
  • Pollination support through bee Keeping.
  • Integrated Nutrient management.
  • Integrated pest and disease management.
  • Adoption of Improved Post harvest technologies.

Following Horticulture Schemes Implemented in Pudukkottai :-

MIDH – National Horticulture Mission

  • Shared between state and central Govt.
  • All Farmers are eligible to avail subsidy upto 4 Hec.
  • To bring more area under hybrid vegetable by giving portray seedlings in a subsidized cost.
  • Area Expansion of mango with high density planting (40% subsidy).
  • Area Expansion of flower and spices (40% subsidy).
  • Promoting cultivation under Poly House, Shade net with assistance of 50%.
  • Promoting cultivation with mulching ( 50% subsidy).
  • Assistance towards the purchase of Tractor, Power tiller & P.P equipment.
  • Assistance for post harvest management like Cold Storage, Ripening chamber, Pack Houses.

Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana ( PMKSY)

  • Scheme fund – Shared between state and central Govt.
  • Eligibility – All Farmers
  • Crops – All Horticulture crops
  • Ceiling – upto 5 Hec for other farmer under 75% subsidy assistance
    upto 2 Hec for small farmer and 1 Hec for marginal farmer with 100% subsidy assistance
  • System – subsidy allowed both for Drip and Sprinkler system.

Advantages of Micro Irrigation

  • Improve water use efficiency upto 40 – 60%.
  • Fertigation through fertigation unit improves the efficiency of fertilizer upto 80%.
  • Minimized the weed growth.
  • Reduce the labour cost.
  • Less water more area coverage.
  • Quantity and Quality of produce is Good.

National Agricultural Development Programme

  • Shared between State and Central Govt.
  • Area Expansion of Fruits with assistance of 40% Subsidy.
  • Onion Development programme.
  • Agro Eco System Analysis (AESA) based integrated pest management for fruit and vegetables.
  • Vegetable Seed kit for urban area under 40% subsidy.
  • Promoting Gourds vegetable cultivation by giving assistance to making pandal and trellies.

Rainfed Area Development

  • Eligibility – All farmers
  • Ceiling -Two hect per farmer
  • Promoting Integrated Horticulture based forming system (IFS) with multitier cropping, rotational cropping, inter cropping, Mixed cropping with allied activities like livestock.
  • promoting Organic vermi compost production through vermibed and permanent structure with the assistance of 50%.

Crop Insurance – Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana – (PMFBY)

  • Extending Financial support to farmer suffering from crop lose or damage due to acute drought (or) Flood.
  • Farmer should pay his premium amount whether he loanee or Non loanee notified crop are Turmeric, Banana, Tapioca.
  • Notified blocks are Pudukkottai, Gandharvakottai and Thirumayam.

State Horticulture Farm

Three No’s of State Horticulture Farm viz., one at Kudumianmalai of Annavasal Block, Vallathirakottai of Alangudi block and Nattumangalam of Aranthangi Block.

Objects :-

  • Production of Quality planting Materials.
  • Production of Quality hybrid Protray Seedlings of Vegetable and Flower kinds.
  • Serve as a demonstration Center.



District Administration is headed by

Deputy Director of Horticulture,


District Head for both technical and Administration


Block Head – responsible for all activities, corresponding to their particular block and implementing all govt schemes and for technology dissemination to the farmer.

Block Level Officer – responsible for selection of Beneficiaries to all govt schemes and Extended their service to farmers field oriented problem.

Field Officer – responsible for selection of Beneficiaries to all govt schemes and crop cutting Experiments.

Contact Details

Officer Place Mobile
Deputy Director of Horticulture Pudukkottai District 9787433599
Assistant Director of Horticulture (PM) Pudukkottai 7094382390
Assistant Director of Horticulture Pudukkottai 8122442218
Assistant Director of Horticulture Kunnandarkoil 6383635071
Assistant Director of Horticulture Gandarvakkottai 9843917074
Assistant Director of Horticulture Thiruvarankulam 9585473220
Assistant Director of Horticulture karambakudi 8778223346
Assistant Director of Horticulture Aranthangi 9688841018
Assistant Director of Horticulture Viralimalai 7904223804
Assistant Director of Horticulture Ponnamaravathi 9578770294
Assistant Director of Horticulture Annavasal 9786882155
Assistant Director of Horticulture Thirumayam 9994659469
Assistant Director of Horticulture Arimalam 9600016824
Assistant Director of Horticulture Avudayarkoil 9688841018
Assistant Director of Horticulture Manamelkudi 9688841018