District Supply & Consumer Protection Office

Public Distribution System

Pudukkottai District Public Distribution System is functioning accordingly to the rules of National Food Security Act 2013 and Regulations of Tamil Nadu Security Rules. The Aim of this Rule is to Supply Essential Commodities like Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Kerosene, Dhall and Oil through Fair Price Shop.

The Aim Of The Public Distribution System Scheme

  • To Protect Poor and Below Poverty Line(BPL) people from the price of essential commodities.
  • By providing the essential commodities to Poor and the deficiency in physical structure can be reduced.
  • The like in price in the commodities of Dhall and Oil can be controlled.
  • Kerosene and Gas Cylinder can be supplied through subsidy rates.
  • The Family card Holders can approach the near by Fair Price Shop and can get the essential Commodities.
  • This Scheme provides timely supply of essential commodities in each month to the family card holders.
  • The Pudukkottai District supply and Consumer Protection Office is functioning under the Control of the District Collector, Pudukkottai.
  • The application for getting smart card through website has been scrutinized by the staff of Taluk Supply Officers and after inspection smart card is issued through Fair Price Shop.


Consumer Protection

  • As per National Food Security Act -2013, to monitor the public distribution system, the vigilance committee is set up at
  • District level, Taluk level, and Fair Price Shop level.
  • The problems of consumers can be solved under consumer Protection Act 1986.
  • The illegal Business and Protection of Commodities will be solved through quality checking and through consumer court.
  • The awareness for consumers have been made through college and Government High School students by conducting
  • performances by Voluntary consumer organization of Pudukkottai District.


Information About PDS

The State of Tamilnadu follows Universal PDS where classification such as BPL,APL do not exist. However, the State has identified AAY and presently have 44243 beneficiaries.


Structure Of PDS

The structure of PDS in the State of Tamilnadu follows a functional pattern involving procurement, storage, distribution of foodgrains on the one hand and distributing the food items to people through an extensive network of Fair price Shops (FPSs) and monitoring of movement of essential commodities and enforcement actions against infraction guidelines, procedure and malpractices.

  • Agencies involved in the PDS operation are
  • Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department
  • Tamilnadu Civil Supplies Corporation
  • Food Corporation of India
  • Cooperative societies and
  • Women Self-Help groups
  • While the Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department regulates the PDS operation, the Tamilnadu Civil Supplies Corporation (TNCSC) has the responsibility of procurement and storage of foodgrains and their allocation to FPSs.
  • The monitoring and enforcement functions are carried out by State level inspection teams, District level flying squads and Civil Supplies CID wing.
  • The District Collector coordinates enforcement work and the vigilance cells monitor movement of essential commodities from FCI godowns to TNCSC godowns. Surprise raids are also undertaken and a Grievance Redressal Mechanism also exists.


Presently following four types of Cards are in use:-

  • Rice Cards are issued to those who opt to lift rice from the FPS, also making them eligible to draw other commodities. As on 01.06.2018 the number of cards in circulation in this category, including AAY cards is 427672.
  • The next category is white cards, entitling the holders to draw 3kg extra sugar over the normal quota as also all other commodities except rice. The number of such card holders, as 01.06.2018 is 4516.
  • The third category is No. commodities Card which does not entitle its holders to draw any commodity from the PDS. Such cards serve the purpose of address proof cards. As on 01.06.2018, 95 such cards are in circulation.
  • Taking these categories together, the total number of family cards as on 01.06.2018 works out to 432283.
  • The fourth category isKhaki cards given to police personnel up to the level of Inspectors who can draw essential. Commodities like rice, sugar, wheat, palm oil, toor dhal at 50% of the PDS issue price. Kerosene is made available at PDS rate. As on 01.06.2018, 891 Khaki cards are in circulation.


End to End Computerization of Public Distribution System has been done in the State of Tamilnadu and following facilities have been provided in the PDS System.

  • Tamilnadu Government decides to automate PDS Operation – Moving from Manual to Automated. Point of Sales (POS) devices have been installed at all Fair Price Shop of Pudukkottai District.
  • Linking of Aadhaar number in ration card has been enabled through website.
  • Smart Family Card can also be printed in all “Arasu e-sevai Centres”.
  • Official Website of civil supplies and Consumer Protection Department, Government of Tamilnadu is
  • Public distribution system related call Help line – Toll free number
    1967 or 1800-425-5901.


SMS Services

SMS can be sent for Public distribution related issues from the Registered Mobile No. to 9980904040

SMS Code Description

Sl.No Format Complaint
01. PDS<SPACE>101 Availability of Commodity of Ration Shop
02. PDS<SPACE>102 Status of Ration Shop(Open/Close)
03. PDS<SPACE>107 Complaint about Billing

Status of e-PDS Implementation of Pudukkottai District

Sl.No Place e-PDS Implementation
01. No. of Taluks 12
02. No. of Godowns 09
03. No. of Fair Price Shop 1017
04. No. of Kerosene Bunks 03


Grievance Redressal – District Grievance Redressal Office

Sl.No. Name of the Officer Head quarters Contact Number
01 District Revenue Officer and District Grivenance Redressal Officer Pudukkottai 9445000924
02 District Supply Officer Pudukkottai 9445000311
03 Spl.Tahsildar(Flying Squad) Pudukkottai 9445045622
04 Taluk Supply Officer(Pudukkottai) Pudukkottai 9445000312
05 Taluk Supply Officer(Alangudi) Alangudi 9445000313
06 Taluk Supply Officer(Aranthangi) Aranthangi 9445000317
07 Taluk Supply Officer(Kulathur) Kulathur 9445000314
08 Taluk Supply Officer(Gandarvakottai) Gandarvakottai 9445000315
09 Taluk Supply Officer(Thirumayam) Thirumayam 9445000316
10 Taluk Supply Officer(Avudaiyarkovil) Avudaiyarkovil 9445000318
11 Taluk Supply Officer(illupur) illupur 9445000319
12 Taluk Supply Office(Manamelkudi) Manamelkudi 9445000320
13 Taluk Supply Office(Ponnamaravathi) Ponnamaravathi 9445000404
14 Taluk Supply Office(Karambakkudi) Karambakkudi 9445000405
15 Taluk Supply Office(Viralimalai) Viralimalai 04339220777