State Agricultural Extension Management Institute (STAMIN) dates back to mid 70’s for its origin, Started in 1975 as a centre to impart training to new entrants of Agricultural Extension Service.

The second phase World Bank Project “The Tamil Nadu Agricultural Development Project” has raised the status to Management Institute, fulfilling the long felt need of the department to bring the senior and middle level officers of the department also under the fold of “ Quality Improvement Programme in Managerial Abilities “. The prime objective of this institute to impart training to extension officers so as to disseminate the technology to farmers to get increased yield and profit through crop husbandry.

STAMIN is a state level apex Agricultural Extension Training Institute which is imparting training to the Agricultural Extension Officers of Agricultural department on various Crop production technologies, Broad based Extension system, Office Management, Administration and Computer Operations and also to the Office staff on Office Management, Administrative and Computer Operations. It is one of the Premier Institute in Tamil Nadu. The technical competence and Managerial ability of the officers are enriched through this institute.

STAMIN aims to train the Extensional personnel and Office Staff of the department of Agriculture so as to equip them with up to date technology development under Agriculture , Extension , Administration, Management and Computer operations and to execute the extension skills in the field in a better way and also improve administrative ability of the staff in a better way.

From 2007-08 to 2017-18, 16340 technical officers were trained at STAMIN on various topics as elucidated above. Is has been planned to conduct trainings during this year 2018-19 for 1500 staff at the cost of Rs.30.00 lakhs.