Indian economy is basically an agrarian economy. To enhance agricultural production, the agricultural inputs should be of good quality and have to be supplied in time. Seed is a vital input which will affect the production. Department of Seed Certification and Organic Certification with its Headquarters at Coimbatore is functioning with the basic objective of providing quality seeds to the farming community.

Department of of Seed Certification and Organic Certification consists of seed certification, seed inspection and Organic Certification Sections.

By using Certified Seeds we get good germination, required population and uniform maturity.


In Pudukkottai District,Pudukkottai,Aranthangi and Kudumiyanmalai Seed Certification Officers are working under the control of Assistant Director of Seed Certification. Based on the guidance and supervision of Assistant Director of Seed Certification and Seed Certification Officers quality seeds are produced by Government and Private producers. Seed Farms registered by the Government and Private producers are inspected by Seed Certification Officers at different stages. The Seed Farms which meet the minimum Seed Certification Standards are allowed for harvest. Seed Lots are processed at Seed Processing Unit and samples are sent to Seed Testing Laboratory. On receipt of the germination test results the Seed Lots are certified.


According to Seed Act 1966, Seed Rule 1968 and Environment Protection Act 1986 Seed Selling License is issued to the Seed Dealers. Apart from this Seed Inspectors are empowered to inspect seed selling points and draw samples. The samples are sent to the Seed Testing Laboratory. “Stop Sales Order” is issued for the Seed Lot which fails in quality parameter. Concerned Seed Dealer is punishable and liable for penalty.


Seed Testing has been recognized as an essential aspect of quality control of seed program. Seed Testing is carried out to analyse the quality parameters viz Physical Purity,Germination,Moisture and Other Distinguishable Varieties(ODV) for Certification Samples. Seed Inspection samples are analysed for Physical Purity and Germination. Service Samples sent by farmers and private dealers are also analysed . Rs.30 per sample is collected as Fee for Service Samples.