District Watershed Development Agency

Integrated Watershed Management Programme

In Pudukkottai District Integrated Watershed Manangement Programme are being implemented through District Watershed Development Agency in 97 Watersheds areas of 7 blocks like Gandaravakottai, Pudukkottai, Thiruvarankulam, Karambakudi, Arimalam, Annavasal and Kunnandarkovil. The Projects were completed in Gandaravakottai, Pudukkottai, Thiruvarankulam and Karambakudi blocks.

Normally, the Projects are implemented for a period of 5 years with an integration period of 2 years put together comes to 7 years. The Government of India contribute 60% of the share and the State Government Share is 40% as financial assistants to implement this schemes . To develop 1 Ha of land, Rs.12000/- is allotted as fund to this schemes.

The main objective of this scheme is to revive the surrounding environment
equilibrium through Integrated, Protect and develop the affected Natural Resources viz, soil, greenery environment and water. Through this Scheme soil erosion is controlled, groundwater table increases by rain water harvest which in turn protect the naturally available, greenary environment. The following important works are implemented through the project.

Entry Point Activities

As an entry level, the important works in watershed area such as Borewell with Mini Power pump, OHT with pipeline connection, Thrashing floor, Retaining wall, Culvert and Bathing steps are implemented.

Natural Resource Management

Land and Water resources development works are implemented in watershed development areas. Farm pond, Checkdam, New Village pond, Supply channel, Deepening of Kanmoi and Ooranies, Sunken pond, Cattle Pond, Recharge Shaft, Rejuvenation of Abandoned well, Summer ploughing and Compartmental bunding are the works implementing in watershed areas.

Farm Production System

The beneficiaries in Watershed Areas are provided with Agro forestry and Horticulture seedlings. Demonstrations, Fodder development works, Distribution of Agriculture implements and Equipments, Live stock Management works are implemented in watershed areas.

Livelihood Support System

Distribution of Revolving fund for Self Help Groups in Watershed areas and provision of accessories for entrepreneurship are also done in watershed areas.

Institution and Capacity Building

Training for Self Help Groups, User Groups of watershed areas, exposure visit for Watershed President and Secretaries to model watershed of other districts are the other works being implemented in this project.