Establishment and maintenance of Farmers Market (uzhavarsandhai)

For the benefit of the farmers as well as consumers. There are no middlemen involved. There are 6 uzhavarsandhai in Pudukkottai District – Pudukkottai, Aranthangi, Alangudi, Gandarvakkottai, Karambakudi and Viralimalai. Farmers growing vegetables/Fruits can sell their produce in nearby uzhavarsandhai by getting ID card from Deputy Director of Agriculture (Agri Business), Pudukkottai. Consumers are happy with purchase of fresh vegetables at reasonable price.

Establishment and maintenance of Regulated Markets

In order to facilitate buying and selling of Agricultural Produce for the benefit of the farming community. Pledge Loan are given to farmers and traders based on their quantity of Agricultural Produce at the rate of maximum Rs.3.00 lakhs for farmers and Rs.2.00 lakhs for traders for Six months. The interest rate is 5% for farmers and 9% for traders. There are 10 Regulated Markets and they are Pudukkottai, Alangudi, Gandarvakkottai, Keeramangalam, Aranthangi, Avudaiyarkovil, Ponnamaravathy, Illuppur, Keeranur and Karambakudi.

Modern Cold Storage facilities

To enable the farmers to store and sell their produce at favourable price and to get quality food products to consumers. Cold Storages are established at Illuppur (100MT capacity) and Alangudi (25MT capacity).

Schemes under implementation

In Pudukkottai District 97 Farmer Producer Groups are formed under Collective Formation Scheme. From theseFPGs 3 Farmer Producer Organizations are to be formed.

Mission on Sustainable Dryland Agriculture (MSDA)

Dry land Agricultural Farmers are Co-ordinated as clusters and steps are taken to form FPO in three clusters. To strengthen the clusters machineries for value addition will be supplied.

Infrastructures Constructed under TN-IAMWARM Schemes

There are 3 Agri Business Centres in Tiruvarankulam, Tirunalur and Embal. Storage Godown – 21 Nos, Drying yards – 53 Nos and Collection Centre – 1 No at Melathur.

Farmer Producer Organizations

There are 3 FPOs successfully functioning in the District. 1) Pudukkottai Organic Farmer Producer Company Ltd., Pudukkottai (2) Illuppur Agricultural Producer Company Ltd., Illuppur (3) Pudukkottai Coconut Farmer Producer Company Ltd., Aranthangi.

Market Complex for Coconut

In Aranthangi Coconut Market Complex was constructed with NABARD – RIDF Fund of Rs.3.00 Crore. In this complex, there are 10 shops, 2 storage Godowns, 2 Drying yards, Solar Copra driers with all facilities. Coconut farmers are facilitated by this infrastructures.

Agricultural Marketing

Provide necessary post harvest management and other infrastructures required. Gives information about the Market Price through and apps like Kissan Suvidha, Uzhavan and Green thumb. Create awareness among the farmers about the benefits of sorting, grading, marketing, value addition and processing their produce by taking up training, publicity and propaganda.

Contact Details

Deputy Director of Agriculture (Agri Business),
Phone : 04322-221688