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Pudhu vaazhvu Thittam


Quotes About Poverty

"There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them expect in the form of bread."

Mahatma Gandhi

Menpuact About us:-  

Pudhu Vaazhvu Project is an empowerment and poverty alleviation project implemented by the Rural Development and Panchayat Raj department of Government of Tamil Nadu with World Bank assistance. Since 2006, the project was implemented through 70 Backward Blocks (2509Panchayats) in 15 Districts. After the successful implementation of the project, the project then extended to 10 other Districts of TamilNadu. Pudukkottai was one among these 10 Districts started on 01.06.2011

                         The target population of this Project is the poor households, the most vulnerable sections including the physically challenged and the marginalized communities. The project follows the CDD approach wherein village communities identify their own needs, design and plan interventions and implement and monitor them by adopting key nonnegotiable principles of the project. There is a strong sense of ownership of the project among the community members.


The objective of the project is to empower the poor and improve their livelihood through:

  • Developing, strengthening and synergizing pro-poor local institutions / groups (including Village Panchayats);

  • Enhancing skills and capacities of the poor (especially women, disabled and vulnerable); and

  • Financing to productive demand-driven business plan Project investment related to livelihoods for the target poor

  Target group:-  
  • Very poor and poor household

  • Most vulnerable, destitute, widows, aged

  • Marginalized communities and sections

  • Physically challenged

  Project Principles:-  

The project staff, the facilitating teams and the community will adhere to the following "non-negotiable" principles of the project:

  1. Inclusion of the poorest and poor Women and disadvantaged sections of the community (disabled, widows, destitute and other vulnerable) will be the key guiding principle of the project. 90% of the project benefits will flow to poor women and the disadvantaged sections of the community.

  2. Women will play a determining role in all community organizations in promoting and in decision-making processes related to project activities and funds.

  3. All project activities and programmatic decisions of the project at the village shall be based on participatory processes involving all primary stakeholders and representation of at least 60% of the target poor.

  4. All project decisions will be made in a transparent manner and the project will ensure that all project information, details of funds and benefits is available to all stakeholders.

  5. Village institutions and project teams will be accountable to the community and will ensure display of information about beneficiary list and funds disbursement, in public places.

  6. The project shall have faith in the capacity of the poor to undertake, control and decide on all the activities of the project. The project teams, resource organizations and support staff will adopt an enabling style so as to ensure self help and transfer of control to the community.


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