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Press Release Pudukkottai District


News Title Language
12/01/2018 SOCIAL WELFARE Tamil(31KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
12/01/2018 AGRICULTURE Tamil(22KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
10/01/2018 BOHI FESTIVAL Tamil(35KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
09/01/2018 PONGAL HEALTH MINISTER Tamil(26KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
08/01/2018 GENERAL SUPLIES GDP Tamil(23KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
08/01/2018 GDP Tamil(27KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
07/01/2018 TOURISM PONGAL CULTURAL FESTIVEL Tamil(25KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
07/01/2018 KEERANOOR PONGAL GIFT HEALTH MINISTER Tamil(28KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
06/01/2018 REPUBLIC DAY MEETING Tamil(22KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
05/01/2018 PWD WORK INSPECTION Tamil(22KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
05/01/2018 ARIMALAM INSPECTION Tamil(24KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
04/01/2018 AGRI PESTICIDES Tamil(32KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
04/01/2018 HOSTEL Tamil(20KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
03/01/2018 AGRI SPORTS Tamil(26KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
03/01/2018 HORTICULTURE KUDUMIYANMALAI Tamil(29KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
03/01/2018 CHENDHURAN POLYTECHNIC Tamil(24KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
02/01/2018 AGRICULTURE Tamil(24KB)Acrobat Reader Icon
02/01/2018 JALLIKATTU Tamil(20KB)Acrobat Reader Icon

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