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Department of Fisheries


Among eleven taluks of  Pudukkottai  two taluks i.e. Manamelkudi and Avudaiyarkovil comprises all the 32 fishing villages.  Its coastal length extends about 42.8 Km. commencing from Kattumavadi and ends with Enathi.  Entire coastal length is utilized by the fisher folk with fishing as their occupation.              The sea stretch is situated in palk bay entirely in continental shelf with a shallow region, muddy bottom abundant with various species of sea-weeds.  IBL is 23 Nautical miles away from Kottaipattinam and narrowing upto 19 Nautical miles towards south.

  General description of the Department  

The Tamilnadu  Fisheries Department pays keen attention for the betterment of fisher folks social economic status and helps in the development and propagation of fishery in the District.   The state government has formulated a special act titled "Tamilnadu Marine Fisheries Regulation Act  1983" which is also enforced by the department through out the coast.             Asst.Director of Fisheries (Marine) Pudukkottai is the District level Officer looking after all the social welfare activities of Fishermen and implementing the Marine fisheries Regulation Act.  To execute  this one Inspector of Fisheries stationed at Manamelkudi and three Sub Inspector of Fisheries stationed at Kattumavadi, Aranthangi and Kottaipattinam with necessary  supporting staff  under the control of  the Asst.Director of Fisheries,Pudukkottai.  As per the census report of 2000 .The fishermen population is 25027 (Male 7880, Female 6746 Children 10401) in our Pudukkottai District.

  Fishermen Co-operative Societies  

For the upliftment of the fishermen life status Fishermen and Fisherwomen co-operative societies were formed some decades back.   There are 26 Fishermen Co-operative Societies and 9 Fisherwomen Co-operative Societies and District level Fishermen Co-operative Federation is also formed.                            All together there are    13,462 Fishermen                          and                                   1,613 Fisherwomen                       Totally        15,075   enrolled in these Fishermen /    Fisherwomen Co-operative Societies.

  Various Schemes  
  1. National Fishermen / Women Savings cum Relief Scheme  

This scheme envisages and supports the Fishermen / Fisherwomen financially during fishing off season i.e) October to December.  Members of fishermen / Fisherwomen Co-operative Society those who are below poverty line, engaged in full time fishing and age between 18 to 60 are eligible for this Scheme. Each fishermen/ Fisherwomen have to pay Rs. 70 per month for 8 months  from January onwards and Rs. 40 for the 9th month. The total amount collected from fishermen is Rs. 600 and the contribution by Central/ State Government is Rs. 1200/- . Thus the contribution of Rs. 1800/- will be distributed to fishermen /Fisherwomen in 3 equal monthly installments of Rs. 600/- each.


Year 2011-2012

Sl.No Year Name of the Scheme Members Enrolled Members contribution Central / State Contribution Total amount Distributed
1 2010-11 National fishermen savings cum relief scheme 4575 2743660 5487320 8230980
5207 .. .. ..
2  2010-11 National Fisherwomen savings cum relief scheme 1156 691640 1383280   2074920 
 2011-12 1223 .. ..   .. 
  2. Registration of Fishing Boats  
  Registration and licensing of fishing boats is done by the department after proper inspection as per the Tamil Nadu  Marine Fisheries Regulation Act, 1983  
Sl No Name of the Fishing Boat No of Boat Registered
1 Mechanized Fishing Boat 476
2 FRP Vallam 1382
3 Wooden Cattamaran 136
4 Wooden Vallam 1237
  Online Registration of crafts are about to be implemented very shortly.
  3. Issue of Identity Card to fishermen  

Monitoring work for proper fishing is done by fisheries, coast guard and police official by issuing individual ID Cards to fishermen. 14962 ID Cards were issued up to now for fishermen in Pudukkottai District. Recently, for the issuance of Bio-metric I.D.Card to all fishermen their photographs and data entries were gathered and recorded. Further process is going on.

  4. Fishing Ban period   relief assistance to fishermen  

In order to protect the fisheries resources, fishing ban period have been announced during the fish breeding season in the eastern coast, the ban period is from April 15 to May 29.  Mechanized fishing boats are not allowed for fishing during this period.  The following relief amount has been disbursed to the beneficiaries.

Year Relief Amount Rs. No. of beneficiaries Total Amount Rs.
2010-2011 800/- as cash 5056 40,44,800/-
2011-2012 2000/- as Cheque 5002 1,00,04,000/-
  5. Fishermen Accident Group Insurance Scheme  

Members of fishermen cooperative societies who are aged between 18 to 65 are eligible to this scheme. Annual premium for the insurance is Rs 30 and the same is contributed by the Central and State Government on 50:50 basis. Rupees one lakh is given as relief for death while fishing and rupees fifty thousand is given as relief for the handicapped while fishing.

  6. Fishermen Accident Indivdual Insurance Scheme  

Members of fishermen cooperative societies are eligible to this scheme. Annual premium amount is Rs. 70/- Rupees one lakh is given as relief for death or full handicapped fisher folk and rupees fifty thousand as relief for partial handicapped.

  7. Diesel Supply to Fishing Boats  

Sales tax exempted diesel is supplied to fishing boats through TNFDC Bunks and selected private bunks. Required quantity of diesel for fishing boats are released daily ascertaining the hours of voyage and hours of fishing. Periodical inspection is done and the fishermen are allowed to carry the diesel only in the diesel tank of fishing boats. 560 mechanized fishing boats and 336 traditional fishing boats with outboard engine gets benefited   with sales tax exempted diesel in Pudukottai District

  8.  Reimbursement of Central Excise Duty on HSD oil for Mechanised Fishing Boats  
  • Beneficiary shall be a owner of less than 20 meters length mechanized fishing boat.

  • The boat should have been registered with the Department on or before 31.3.2002 and   posses the license for fishing.

  • Log books should be maintained.

  • The diesel shall be purchased only in the Fisheries Department approved bunks and used for fishing purpose only.

  • Eligible fishing craft owners shall get subsidy of Rs.3.00/liter with ceiling of 500 liters/boat per month during active fishing months.  The owners of the Mechanized Fishing boats should be below poverty line.

  9. Regulation of berthing places for fishing crafts  

All mechanized fishing boats are berthed in the fish landing centers at Kottaipattinam and Jegathapattinam. All eligible mechanized fishing boats are permitted for fishing after issuing a fishing permit token for a day fishing and their return to shore on the next day is ascertained by collecting back the issued fishing permits.

 All country fishing vessels both motorized and non motorized are berthed in the scattered marine fishing villages. Their movements for fishing crafts are constantly watched by the department officials.

  10.Supply of outboard engine to traditional fishing boats in subsidized rate (Motorization of Traditional Craft)  

Traditional fishing boats which are registered and licensed through the department are eligible to avail the subsidy for outboard engine purchase at 50 % level.

Year Allotment of OBM Engine Supplied
2009-2010 91 91
2010-2011 250 224
(as on 1.7.2011)
  11. Tamilnadu Fishermen Welfare Board  

The following Welfare Schemes are implemented for the labors involved in fishing and allied activities by the Tamil Nadu Fishermen Welfare board.

  • Accidental Death
  • Death while Fishing
  • Missing while Fishing
  • Natural Death
  • Disability due to accident
  • Funeral Expense
  • Educational Assistance to Children
  • Marriage Assistance
  • Delivery/Abortion/Miscarriage assistance
  • Old Age Pension

This scheme is applicable to the labors who are involved in Fishing / Allied activities and the members shall be in the age group of 18 to 65 years.  So far, 7250 labors have been enrolled as members.  The following relief assistance have been given to  the members by Fishermen Welfare Board in Pudukkottai District.



Relief measures

No. of beneficiaries

Relief amount


Educational assistance




Marriage assistance




Death compensation




Funeral assistance







  12. SGSY (Swaranjayanti Grama Swarozgar Yojana) Scheme  

In Pudukottai district, several training have been given under this scheme to fishermen and fisherwomen.  Those who have undergone the Sea Weed Culture training are eligible to get the subsidy.  Thereby 32 SHG (Self Help Groups) have availed a total amount Rs.24,84000/-

Sl No Name of the Training No of Beneficiaries
1 Seaweed Culture 1500
2 Value addition of Fish by products 500
3 Engine repair and net mending 2800
  Total 4800
  13. Strengthening the Coastal Security  

Regular meeting with the fishermen of the fishing villages are convened by the Asst. Director of Fisheries to enlighten the importance of security issues, advising  them about IMBL prohibition, serious issues of illegal fishing and to get support  from the fishermen for imposing coastal security along with police officials.

  14. Daily relief to Marine Fishermen apprehended in other countries  

By entering into other adjacent countries borders, fishermen are caught by them and apprehended in their countries.   If fishermen enters accidentally into other countries  they will be caught and apprehended by them.  In such cases a relief amount Rs.50/- per day is offered by the Government until he returns.

  15. Daily relief assistance to the families of missing fishermen  

In case of missing fishermen who is enrolled as a member in Fishermen Co-operative Society a relief amount of Rs.50/-  per day is offered by the Government to that fishermen's family until be returns.

  16. Relief to the families of deceased/injured fishermen subjected to attack by Sri Lankan Navy  
  In cases such as death/injury to fishermen by Sri Lankan Navy shooting a relief amount is offered to the families by the Government  5 lakhs.  
  To encourage the fishermen community students in their studies, the Government have announced an ex-gratia payment to the Top ranking boys and girls who are doing 10th and 12th as follows.
  • For 12th cash award of Rs.3000/- for ranking  Boy & Girl.

  • For 12th cash award of Rs.5000/- for State top ranking Boy & Girl.    
  • For 10th cash award of Rs.1000/- for ranking  Boy & Girl.     
  • For 10th cash award of Rs.500/- for Dist.IInd  ranking  Boy & Girl.     
  • For 10th cash award of Rs.3000/- for State top ranking  Boy & Girl.
  18. Training to fisher youth:-  

a)  Modern fishing methods:-  Candidates between 18-35 years of age and have 5 years sea experience can join in this training.  He will be given Rs.400/- month as stipend during this 10 months course.


b)   Junior Mechanic course:-  Candidates between 18-35 years of age, 8th standard pass, 5 years fishing experience can join this training course with a stipend of Rs.400/- month through out 10 months.

  19.Assistance for the Upgradation of skills in Maritime education  

A financial assistance of Rs.50,000/- for the entire course to a candidate in two stages.  Either of his parent should be a Fishermen Co-operative Society member.



Designation Asst. Director of Fisheries
Office Address

O/O, The Assist.Director of Fisheries(Marine),   23 Lakshmipuram 1st Street, Pudukkottai-622001.

Phone No 04322-220069

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