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Cooperative Instituitions run by the Cooperative Department to help  the economically weaker section, to upgrade their lives and help for the welfare of social economical Developments of the nation. Cooperative Institution established their role as an efficient and effective model before the world in the recent Global economic recession.

They lend Crop Loans, Jewel Loan, MT Agricultural Loans, Self Help Group Loans, Produce Pledge Loans, Non-Farm Sector Loans, and Other Loans to weaker section for the betterment of their livelihood.



Sl.No Branches
1. Pudukkottai Head Office
2. Pudukkottai Town Branch
3. Pudukkottai Ladies Branch
4. Andakulam
5. Gandarvakkottai
6. Keeranur
7. Annavasal
8. Viralimalai
9. Aranthangi
10. Thirumayam
11. Ponnamaravathi
12. Arimalam
13. Alangudi
14. Karambakudi
15. Avudayarkoil
16. Manamelgudi
17. Thirukkogarnam
18. Subramaniapuram
19. Kallur
20. Kulipirai
  Crop loan, Jewel loans and other MT Agricultural loans are disbursed to the Farmers through 136 PACCS affiliated to the Bank  
  Credit facilities such as District linkage, Revolving fund and Economic Activities are provided to self helf Group through the Central Bank Branches and PACCS.  
  For employees working in Government Offices, Educational institutions and other Public Sector institutions loan are provided through Employees Cooperative Thrift and Credit society.
  The Financial statement  as on 31.07.2010 ( lakhs)  
1. Own Fund Rs 10,106.00
2. Deposits Rs 27,177.10
3. Borrowings Rs 4,840.28
4. Investments Rs 7,177,85
5. Loan Issued Rs 14,226.15
6. Loan outstanding Rs 35,281.85
7. Imbalance Rs 1,629.63
8. Profit Rs 221.90
  Crop loans, JL. Produce Pledge loans, MT Agricultural loan, Self help Group loan, NFS, HCL and under Government sponsored Schemes,  Women Entrepreneurs, working women, micro Credit,  maternity, Professional loan, Physically handicapped, Petty Traders, TAMCO, TABCEDCO  and other amounting to Rs. 4.15,532 .01 lakhs has been disbursed.  
Sl.No Name of the Circle No.of Societies
1. Pudukkottai 9
2. Andakkulam 7
3. Gandarvakkottai 14
4. Keeranur 9
5. Annavasal 8
6. Viralimalai 7
7. Aranthangi - I 9
8. Aranthangi - II 12
9. Thirumayam 7
10. Ponnamaravathi 8
11. Arimalam 5
12. Alangudi 14
13. Karambakkudi 10
14. Avudayarkoil 8
15. Manamelgudi 9
Total 136
  The financial status of PACCS as on 31.7.2010 ( lakhs)  
1. Share Capital Rs 1745.63
2. Deposits Rs 4260.30
3. Borrowings Rs 13254.97
4. Crop Loan issued (Paddy, Groundnut, Sugarcane, Plantain and others) Rs 1491.00
5. Jewel Loan issued (A) Rs 910.00
6. Jewel Loan (R) Rs 7486.00
7. SHG Loan Rs 717.16
8. Loan Outstanding Rs 21,343.06
9. Investments Rs 2,520.10
10. Working Capital Rs 28,160.20
  Under Tamil Nadu Government  waiver Scheme 2006 Crop loans amounting Rs.14334 lakhs and under Government of India Debt waiver and Debt Relief Scheme 2008, Rs.1534.11 lakhs were waivered to Farmer  Members  

The following PACCS  are running Agri Clinics

Sl.No Agri Clinics
1. Keeranur PACCS Kunandarkoil Block
2. Malaigudipatty PACCS Annavasl Block
3. Gandarvakkottai PACCS Gandarvakkottai Block
4. Kulipirai PACCS Thirumayam Block
5. Kottaipattinam PACCS Manamelgudi Block
  Soil and water samples for Agricultural purposes, are being tested in low fees and Fertilizers pesticides seeds and Agricultural implements are being sold in subsidized prices in the above Agri Clinics.   

The following PACCS are running Agro Service Centres from the year 2009 - 2010

Sl.No Agro Service Centres
1. Perambur PACCS Viralimalai Block
2. Chokkampatty PACCS Gandarvakkottai Block
3. Gandarvakkottai PACCS Gandarvakkottai Block
4. Illuppur PACCS Annavasal Block

The following PACCS have been selected for Agro Service Centre for the Year 2010 -2011

Sl.No Agro Service Centres
1. Keeranur PACCS Kunandarkoil Block
2. Thirukkalambur PACCS Ponnamaravathi Block
3. Alavayal  PACCS Ponnamaravathi Block
4. Neduvasal PACCS Alangudi  Block
  These Centres are providing the following Agricultural implements on rent basis to the farmers  
Sl.No Agricultural implements
1. Tractor
2. Tipper
3. Cultivator
4. Rotator
5. Multi Crop Crusher
6. Power Tiller
7. Power Sprayer
8. Hand Sprayer
9. Vinnayer
10. Paddy Crusher
11. Weedor.
  The following PACCS are running Common - Service Centre from the  Year 2009 -2010  
Sl.No Common-Service Centres
1. Athanakkottai PACCS Gandarvakkottai Block
2. Thekkattur PACCS Arimalam Block
3. Viralimalai PACCS Viralimalai Block
4. Melathaniyam PACCS Ponnamaravathi Block
5. Ponnamaravathi PACCS Ponnamaravathi Block
6. Thirumayam PACCS Thirumayam Block
7. Vadakadu PACCS Alangudi Block
  The following PACCS have been selected for Common Service Centre for the Year 2010 -2011  
Sl.No Common-Service Centres
1. Gandarvakkottai PACCS Gandarvakkottai Block
2. Perambur PACCS Viralimalai   Block
3. Malaikudipatty PACCS Viralimalai   Block
4. Illuppur PACCS Annavasal Block
5. Keeranur PACCS Kunandarkoil Block
6. Andakkulam PACCS Kunandarkoil Block
7. Koothadivayal PACCS Aranthangi Block
8. Avudaiyarkoil PACCS Avudaiyarkoil Block
9. Mimisal PACCS Avudaiyarkoil Block
10. Manamelgudi PACCS Manamelgudi Block
11. Pakkudi PACCS Aranthangi Block
12. Karakkottai PACCS Manamelgudi Block
13. Alangudi PACCS Alangudi Block
14. Kolendram PACCS Avudaiyarkoil Block
  Through these Centres , Xerox/ Computers with Internet / Digital  photo / SMS and Email facilities can be entertained by the public. 3  
  Viability of PACCS  
1. Viable 106
2. Potentially viable 23
3. Unviable 7


  Fertilizers,  pesticides and paddy seeds are being sold to farmers during Agricultural season through PACCS  on subsidized prices.  Apart from the above, they are running Cooperative Fair Price Shops for the Public Distribution of essential commodities  
  Through 891 Cooperative Fair Price Shops  
  • 8129  Tonne Rice

  • 0730  Tonne Sugar

  • 0348  Tonne Wheat

  • 1169  Kl Kerosene

  • 0007  Tonne  Tea

  • 0150  Tonne iodised  salt

are being distributed to 3,93,436 family Card holders per month successfully.


  There are 9 PCARDBs are functioning in Pudukkottai Region  
SL.No  Name of the PCARDBs
1 Annavasal
2 Aranthangi
3 Avudaiyarkoil
4 Karambakkudi
5 Keeranaur
6 Ponnamaravathi
7 Pudukkottai
8 Thirumayam
9 Viralimalai
  Member level NFS loan outstanding in PACRDB as on 31.7.2010 amounted to Rs.543.46 lakhs and in order to uplift PACRDB, JL are being issued to members and JL outstanding as on31.7.2010  amounts to Rs.1160.63 lakhs  
  • Pudukkottai Urban Cooperative Bank

  • Aranthangi Urban Cooperative Bank

are functioning in Pudukkottai Region



Sl.No   Pudukkottai UCB Aranthangi UCB
1. Share Capital 50.17 48.80
2. Own Funds 156.01 106.21
3. Deposits 1559.85 2062.73
4. Borrowings --- ---
5. Investments 785.03 802.18
6. Loans and Advances 1105.11 1430.93
7. Profit 2.10 3.70


Sl.No   Pudukkottai UCB Aranthangi UCB
1. Jewel Loan 374.62 501.58
2. NFS 0.10 ---
3. Housing Loan 12.70 4.20
4. Micro Credit 0.10 0.36
5. Women Entrepreneur 0.50 0.75
6. Working Women 3.00 0.30
7. Professional Loan --- ---
8. Maternity Loan --- ---
9. JLG 2.55 0.50
10. Self Help Group --- ---
11. Others 18.94 ---
12. TABCEDCO --- 0.80
13. TAMCO --- ---
Total 412.46 508.49
  3 APCMS are running in the Region  
  1. Aranthangi  Agricultural Producers Coop. Marketing Society

  2. Alangudi      Agricultural Producers Coop. Marketing Society

  3. Thirumayam Agricultural Producers Coop. Marketing Society

  From the Agricultural Producers , Paddy, Rice, Food grain, Cotton, Oil seeds, Dhall items, Tamarind,  Vegetables and so on are being procured  by APCMS and  purchase were made amounts to Rs.691.62 lakhs up to July 2010  
  Produce Pledge loan amount to Rs.144.42 lakhs were disbursed to farmers by the APCMS.  
  Jewel Pledge loans are being newly given to members and Cooperative Medical Shops are yet to be opened for the sale of Original and quality medicines to the customers in a subsidized  and competitive prices.  
  All the APCMS are working as lead Societies for the distribution of essential commodities.  
  They Sell fertilizers, Seeds, Notebooks and quality fire crackers in Deepavali Festival seasons.  
  They supply food articles to SC and BC students Homes and they run Mini Super Markets successfully.  
  In Pudukkottai Region  
  1. Pudukkottai Urban Cooperative Stores

  2. TVS Cooperative Stores

  3. Konapet Cooperative Stores

  4. Tamil Nadu Government Transport Corporation Employee Coop. Stores

  are running and they supply good, clean and high quality consumer articles to the customers in need.  They sell control and  non-control commodities to the Card holders (Except Tamil Nadu Government Transport Cooperative Stores )  

Controled sales(uptoJuly2010)

NonControled Sales(uptoJuly2010)


PudukkottaiUrban Coop.stores (Through 55 Fair Price Shops)

526.53 181.27

TVSCooperative Stores(Through 1 Fair Price Shop)

9.95 5.78

KonappattuCoop.Store (Through 1 Fair Price Shop)

3.61 4.44
4. Tamil Nadu Government Transport Corporation Employees Coop. Stores --- 6.19
  Mini Super Markets  are being run by the above stores except Konapattu Cooperative Stores. Non control items like Groceries, cosmetics, Stationeries, Electrical Goods, Textiles, shoes, vegetables, and furniture are being sold through the above Stores.  
  36 Employees Cooperative Societies are functioning  in Pudukkottai Region. They issue loans to eligible  Educational,  Government Departmental and other Public Sector Institutions  Employees up to Rs.5.00 lakhs, recoverable in 120 equal monthly instalments.  
  As on 31.7.2010 they have  
1. Share capital Rs.1026.60 Lakhs
2. Thrift Deposits Rs 1480.57 Lakhs
3. Borrowings Rs 4545.10 Lakhs
4 Loan outstanding Rs 7796.56 Lakhs
  Pudukkottai District Cooperative Printing Press prints out Books and Forms for use of Cooperative Institutions, Government Offices and Panchayat  Union offices.  It undertakes Printing work orders amounting Rs.8.00 lakhs approximately per month  
  Pudukkottai Cooperative Union is functioning in the Region  
  It gives Member Education in all areas of the Districts and 1055 members have benefited by the education  
  Programmes with regard to Cooperation are being entertained continuely through Radio and Television by which function and features of the PACCS are being brought out to the farmers in need.  As such various types of Cooperative News cuttings and clippings  are being Published through details  
  The Cooperative Societies contribute Cooperative Research and Development Fund and Cooperative  Development Fund for the welfare and       upliftment  of Cooperatives.  
  1. Arignar Anna Labour Contract Cooperative Society

  2. Pudukkottai District Redeemed Bonded Laborers Contract Coop. Society

  These Societies  are now in a idle position.  Efforts are being taken to function the above societies  
  11) integrated Cooperative Development Programme  
  Apart from the above, integrated Cooperative Development Programme is in force for the period from 2008 -2009 to 2012 - 2013 and a sum Rs.1437.56 lakhs has been allotted by Government for the purposes of construction of  building / Godown, Jewel Safe locker Rooms, Compound and front elevation,  and for the installation of Electronic Weighing machine, Computerization and for the   purchase of office need furniture.  
  A sum of Rs.856.54 lakhs was so far released for this programme and out of which Rs.697.10 lakhs has been utilized till date.  
  Various Schemes/Services offered to Common citizen with the following  details  
Sl.No Name of the Scheme Details about the Scheme Eligibility for this Scheme Application for this Scheme Achievement of this scheme
1. TAMCO Christians, Muslims can avail this scheme for individual, and SHG (Micro Credit) Age above 18 years Income should be  below: Rs.54,000/- per annum in town Rs.44000/- Per annum in rural areas Applications are available at  Backward Class offices, Joint Registrar Office and Minority Department Office, Chennai Upto 31.7.2010 a sum of Rs.37.76 lakhs was disbursed as loan assistance to 106 beneficiaries
2. TABCEDCO Hindus can avail this scheme for individual, Mobile laundry, Micro Credit, Ladies Entrepreneurship Age above 18 years Income should be  below: Rs.54,000/- per annum in town Rs.44000/- Per annum in rural areas. Applications are available at  Backward Class offices and Joint Registrar Office Upto 31.7.2010 a sum of Rs.181.78 was disbursed as loan assistance to 2550 beneficiaries.
  List of beneficiaries for the various scheme undertaken by the Department (including waiting list)  
  BENEFICIARIES LIST During 2009 -2010  


1. A.Ayubkhan, Vamban, GroceryShops Rs.95000 A.Govindan, Thekkattur, Tyrecart Rs.45,000/-
2. A.Sathickbatcha, Vamban, GroceryShops Rs.95000/- K.Arasappan, Thekkattur, Tyrecart Rs.45,000/-
3. --- K.Appavu, Vamban, GroceryShopsRs.47500/-
4. --- C.Chinnathambi , Vamban, Hotel/Pettyshop Rs.95,000/-
5. --- K.Veeraiah, Vamban, Tractor Power Tiller Rs.95,000/-
6. --- M.Arumugam, Vamban, Laundry Shop Rs.23750/-
7. --- R.Arankulavan, Vamban, Saloon Shop Rs.25175/-
8. --- R.Rengan, Vamban, Wood Merchant Rs.90,250/-
9. --- R.Rajendran, Sammatividuthi
10. --- A.Thangappa, Karambakudi, Sheep Breeding  Rs.85,500/-




1. R. Jesudoss, Keeranur,          Jowli Business Rs.50,100/- T.Sathish, Keeranur, Hotel Rs.1,00,000/-
2. R.Thainish  Marry Keeranur, Milch Animal Rs.50,000/- A. Rajeswari, Keeranur, Grocery Shops Rs.50,000/-
3. --- R.Nadimuthu, Alangudi, Milch Animal Rs.50,000/-
4. --- V.Tamilselvi, Kothamangalam, Milch Animal Rs.1,00,000/-
5. --- K.Kathayee, Okkur, Milch Animal Rs.1,00,000/-


Destination Phone Number
Joint Registrar of Coop. Societies 04322 - 222132
Joint Registrar/Special officer, PCC Bank 04322-222313,222063,222389
Deputy Registrar (Public Distribution System) 04322 - 227704
Deputy Registrar of Coop. Societies,
Pudukkottai Circle
04322 - 222273
Deputy Registrar of Coop. Societies,
Aranthangi Circle

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