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One can almost say that blood is that magic portion which gives life to another person. Though we have made tremendous discoveries and inventions in Science we are not yet able to make the magic portion called Blood. Human blood has no substitute. Requirement of safe blood is increasing and regular voluntary blood donations are vital for blood transfusion services.

Our body has 5 ltr to 5.5 ltr of blood of which only 350 ml - 450 ml of blood is taken depending upon weight of donor. Majority of healthy adults can tolerate withdrawal of one unit of blood. The withdrawn blood volume is restored within 24 hours and the haemoglobin and cell components are restored in 2 months. Therefore it is safe to donate blood every three months.

Voluntary Non-remunerated Donors:
Voluntary non-remunerated donors are people who give blood, plasma or other blood components of their own free will and receive no money or other form of payment for it which could be considered a substitute for money, such as time off work except that reasonably needed for the donation and travel.Their primary motivation is to help unknown recipients and not to obtain any personal benefit.


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